Debunk Busters Ghosts

Kevin DeRosen Photography

Kevin DeRosen

Born in Kingman Arizona in February 1958, Kevin developed a passion for Photography early in is adult life. During the first several of years he became aware of the paranormal world of photography after noticing abnormal apparitions in his photography work which he soon became to learn were only accidents. He was soon asked to speak at numerous Paranormal group gatherings to discuss photography and investigations requiring photographs.

Debunk Busters – Kevin has recently become a blogger in 2008 to discuss his 25 years of experience and current works being featured as The paranormal “Debunk Buster”. He has became renown for his work in the Photography and Paranormal world combined and had developed a following of Paranormal Investigators wanting to gather the information he has put together. Recently has become a controversial icon of the Paranormal world because of his ability to rule out paranormal apparitions in photography and replicate most previously mysterious photos to show the camera is at usually at fault.

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